Is REDFOX Thoroughbreds licensed to sell racehorse shares?

YES, REDFOX Thoroughbreds has been approved as a licenced syndicator and promoter by lead regulators Racing NSW, Racing QLD and Racing VIC and ASIC and is a holder of Australian Financial services (AFSL) licence number 336964.

What is the REDFOX affordable ownership model?

The REDFOX affordable ownership model is based on a targeted approach of purchasing high quality racehorses in the lower price brackets to minimize our share costs and maximize both affordability and potential share earnings if your horse wins.

How are horses selected for syndication?

The selection process starts many months before the sales with extensive research and analysis of the horses breeding and physical conformation. 

A short list of horses is then compiled, and the REDFOX team physically inspect them at the sales. Horses that pass our inspection criteria are then vetted and their x-rays and scope reports are reviewed to assess the horse’s suitability for racing. Not all horses are good racing prospects.

How does syndication work?

Racehorse Syndication is a fantastic way to own a racehorse. By enabling multiple owners to spread the costs of ownership, the ownership dream can become a reality at a fraction of the cost. Any horse owner will tell you whether you own 2.5% or 100% the thrill and excitement of seeing your horse thundering down the straight to the winning post is the same 

FUN FACT –In 2016 a 14 year old stable hand Conner Harrison was gifted a 5% share in an unraced filly by its breeder if , he promised to look after her and give her a kiss every day.  That filly turned out to be Verry Elleegant who won the Melbourne Cup and now amassed over $15 million dollars.

What are my ongoing costs?

On average in Australia, it costs an estimated $55,000 a year to train and care for a racehorse, so your ongoing costs will be dependent on your share. 

For 2.5% shares we suggest budgeting $115 per month

For    5% shares we suggest budgeting $230 per month

Do I get an itemised invoice each month?

You get a detailed itemised invoice each month which details each expense incurred for the previous month. 

Can I pay my monthly invoice by credit card?

We accept VisaCard, MasterCard and American Express (surcharge applies).

Who will train my horse?

REDFOX horses are trained by only reputable and well-known trainers  

Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott , Mark Newnham, Annabel Neasham and Anthony & Sam Freedman 

FUN FACT – Gai Waterhouse has won more Group 1 races than any other living trainer. 

What can I expect on race day?

Any horse owner will tell you that seeing your horse run down the straight on race day is an amazing experience. And whether you own a small or large share the thrill is 100% the same.   

All owners’ names listed in the race book receive full race day privileges including entry, members and mounting yard access. In the mounting yard you will be able to chat with your trainer and jockey of pre-race tactics and hopefully join them in the winner’s circle for post-race celebrations. 


Extra tickets can usually be attained if we have plenty of notice, subject to availability.

How is the share price calculated?

Your share price includes all costs incurred up to a predetermined date, which will include, but is not limited to, the purchase of your horse, vet fees , syndication fees, transport, breaking in, pre training, & reports, bonus scheme nominations, race nominations, insurance and management fees. 

We provide a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) that clearly outlined the details of all costs that have determined the final share cost. 

How is my horse named?

The first fun part is registering your horse’s name. An email will be sent to all owners requesting name suggestions. Once all names are received another email is sent to the ownership group with all the compiled names and we ask for you to preference your top 3 names from 1-3. The most popular 3 names are then submitted for registration, pending on their availability. 

FUN FACT MAKYBE DIVA is owned by a tuna fisherman. He named her after his 5 employees by taking the 1st two letters of their names. Maureen, Kylie, Belinda, Dianne and Vanessa

How is prizemoney paid?

All prizemoney earned by your horse will be paid directly to you from the principal racing authority, relative to your share owned.

5% or greater shareholders (named in racebook)
Paid their prizemoney direct to their bank account by the Principal Racing Authority (ie Racing Queensland, Racing NSW, Racing Victoria etc)

Under 5% shareholders (named in syndicate):

Prizemoney for under 5% shareholders that are housed under a REDFOX syndicate is paid to REDFOX and then distributed to shareholder’s account. If your account is in credit you can request an EFT.

Will my name appear in the race book?

The racing authority’s limits owner’s names to 20 people in the race book. All owners 5% or more will have their name in the race book. All owners with less than 5% share will be under the REDFOX syndicate name in the race book.


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